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A Handful of Lauras by Emma Ockham MA

Bïll's grief over Laura's death is softened by her journals and then brusquely interrupted when a Cylon copy of Laura Roslin arrivés in the Fleet.

12 Kingdoms: The Pirate and the Prophet by Princess Arinayed MA
A pirate will go to the extreme when it comes to finding treasure. But what happens when a pig headed prophet happens to be the only way to find it. Pirate...
The Beauty of Love by Kaitlynnlovescats96 T
Bill and Laura take a moment for themselves while orbiting Earth and their story continues after they land on Earth. Takes places during Daybreak, the...

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Who Says They Can't Have One? by singerdiva01 M
Who else but the president could serve as the Admiral's personal masseuse?

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Summary: What are the personal ramnifications for Laura of living after having resigned herself to dying and how does she deal with this drastic change in her outlook on life and her priorities?
Categories: Drama Characters: None
Summary: Lee is in love with Laura and walks in on her and Bill kissing or doing something more.
Categories: None Characters: None
Summary: All stories I have read so far which have included any rivals in Bill & Laura's relationship have always been male. I would ask for a story set in Ron Moore's version of Galactica (a world where not much has happened yet between A/R - but I live in hope)and in this story introduce a new character, a realistic, smart female character, (one that Laura herself would have liked under any other cirumstance) who is interested in Bill Adama on a personal level and is therefore a 'rival' - and who makes Bill and Laura re-evaluate their present relationship.
Categories: Humour, PWP, Drama, Romance Characters: None
Summary: So I like angst, but it does get rather depressing sometimes. This challenge is to write funny, fun, romantic, smutty, fluffy, etc. fics with NO angst. Basically, make Fellowshipper happy. Takers? ;~)
Categories: None Characters: None
Summary: Laura has a godly rival for Bill's love. Aphrodite is on the search for a new husband and Laura is on her way. Who will win? Are you ready for this challenge?
Categories: Romance Characters: None
Summary: SPOILER FOR SEASON TWO * * * You can go one of two ways: Laura has never made love with Bill because of her death sentence and now that's lifted OR how different is it for them to make love knowing that she's healthy. Thanks.
Categories: Romance, PWP Characters: None
Summary: Bill notices Zareck is spending more and more time on board Colonial One. Thinking Zareck is spending the time with Laura, his jealousy is getting the better of him. Meanwhile, an oblivious Laura has been encouraging Zareck aboard Colonial One due to a budding romance between Tom & Tory, and she has no idea why Bill is acting so churlishly.
Categories: Humour Characters: None
Summary: Adama pays the prez a visit on New years eve to find her crying how does he re-act does he give her a new years whatever ...........
Categories: Romance Characters: None
Summary: On NC Bill and Laura come together as a couple both emotionally and physically. After she is reinstated as the President, they end their relationship. How do they cope with the break up? Keep the story within canon as much as possible. It would be great if you could write it with "The Hub" in mind as their official reunion. :D
Categories: Drama, Romance Characters: None
Summary: I was re-watching Shadowlands, the movie about the romance between C.S. Lewis and Joy Gresham, and three quotes struck me as an interesting premise for a story…
And, while I am an avid fan, I have no literary skill, so I pose this challenge to all of the talented writers out there…

“Jack, don't you sometimes just bust to share the joke? Here's your friends thinking we're unmarried and up to all sorts of wickedness, when all along we're married and up to nothing at all.”
“Will you marry this foolish, frightened old man... who needs you more than he can bear to say... who loves you, even though he hardly knows how?”
“How could Joy be my wife?... I'd have to love her, wouldn't I? I'd have to care more for her than anyone else in this world... I'd have to be suffering the torments of the damned, the prospect of losing her…”

Categories: General, Romance, Drama Characters: None
Summary: During the Cylon occupation in New Caprica, Laura finds some comfort in a new company. Without hope of seeing Bill again, or ever leave this hell, she decides to enjoy this company awhile she can and fell herself as a full woman again.
Time passes, Galactica cames back and promotes de exodus. Laura and Bill meet each other again. Yet, there's a but. She's president again and she still have that company.

- Show how she mets her new friend and how they became intimates;
- He cannot just die during the exodus;
- This friend of her can be an Original Character or not.

Categories: None Characters: None
Summary: Bill's reaction to Laura's collapse after the abduction of Hera by Boomer.Angst Galore, and a little romance of course!
Categories: Romance, Drama Characters: None
Summary: Laura gets pregnant. Because of increased risk due to her age and possible other factors, it seems to her that her anti-abortion policy is coming back to bite her in the ass. Happy endings welcome.
Categories: Drama Characters: None
Summary: To take a leaf from the title of one of my favorite episodes - my challenge would be to ask authors who have left stories incomplete, to try and finish them to give us an ending. In particular, some of the longer stories which have been left unfinished and without any recent additions for a long time. I'm sure all members have favorites they would like to see completed. Specific stories where I would love to know what happens next and read a finale include Asouldream's At What Cost and Early or Late, Back by KyWildcat, Left Behind by Eosaphrodite, and Too Much by Katie9918. Hope that you'll all take up the gauntlet and finish these stories which I and many others have enjoyed so much so far. Thanks.
Categories: None Characters: None
Summary: This a cross-post to get more people involved in it.Go to: and join if not already a member, but the challenge is: Go into the photos section of the group and under album named Story Challenge there are 4 pictures. Use these four pictures as inspiration of the challenge. The idea I had from it was to write a verison of what happened between these three after Lee made an a** out of himself. Only rules for it are: make sure the rating is clearly noted in the subject line. And the stories have to be 100 words or more, but limit it to no more than 2500 words.
Categories: General Characters: None