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[Reviews - 6] LikedPrinter

Summary: A month after they got to Earth, Laura reflects on all that has happened, and all that is still yet to take place. And a meeting with Zarek takes an unexpected direction, at least it does for him.

Possible spoilers/speculation for 4.5. I just used the speculation about the title of the next episode.
Rating: K+
Category: Drama, Romance, Humour
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Genres: Romance
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Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
Wordcount: 2107 Read Count: 2425
Published: Jul 23, 2008 Updated: Jul 23, 2008

Story Notes:
Wow, okay. Well, this is my first posting of a fanfic. Not the first one I've ever written, but it's still a big step. This piece is generally an almost vignette about Laura and her journey. I'm not sure how I did, and if you have any suggestions they're more than welcome.

And let me just say, this is my first BSG hiatus, and IT SUCKS. EPICALLY.
1. With My Sun I'll Chase Your Shadows Away by katethegreat [Reviews - 6] Liked (2107 words)
First time posting a fanfic, but definitely not the only one I've written. We'll have to see how this one goes before I post any more. This story is almost based on 4.5 spoilers, but not really. Just speculation about the title of the next episode. So! Don't read if you're not into that. :D It's about reactions, mostly. Tom Zarek reactions, Laura reactions, Bill reactions. You never know.

Unbetaed, so all mistakes are mine.

Also, I don't own them. If I did, I'd probably be a lot richer and a heck of a lot more smarter (see?). They belong to RDM (aka God) and even though I don't own them, they still consume my soul. :D Enjoy.