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A Handful of Lauras by Emma Ockham MA

Bïll's grief over Laura's death is softened by her journals and then brusquely interrupted when a Cylon copy of Laura Roslin arrivés in the Fleet.

12 Kingdoms: The Pirate and the Prophet by Princess Arinayed MA
A pirate will go to the extreme when it comes to finding treasure. But what happens when a pig headed prophet happens to be the only way to find it. Pirate...
The Beauty of Love by Kaitlynnlovescats96 T
Bill and Laura take a moment for themselves while orbiting Earth and their story continues after they land on Earth. Takes places during Daybreak, the...

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Damage Control by defyingnormalcy T
Lee Adama helplessly tries to understand what is going on between the new President...

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[Reviews - 3] LikedPrinter

Summary: What if there was someone out there that connect them Adama and Roslin? There are things lurking in the darkness of space wiating to be released. Is there away to stop it before it is far too late?

I don't own BSG or any ot its characters
Rating: K+
Category: Drama, Romance, Humour
Characters: None
Genres: Crossover
Warnings: Character Death
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Chapters: 11 Completed: No
Wordcount: 8127 Read Count: 44425
Published: Feb 01, 2006 Updated: Mar 07, 2007

1. Chapter 1 My Story by Princess Arinayed [Reviews - 0] (177 words)

2. Chapter 2 The Young Stranger by Princess Arinayed [Reviews - 0] (618 words)
Time seems to be a little coyote making the past meet the future, even if they do not know who they are.
3. Chapter 3 The Keeper of the Pure Heart Part One by Princess Arinayed [Reviews - 1] Liked (418 words)
A dream and a warning unsettle Laura. Plust one hidden secret is soon to be revealed.
4. Chapter 4 The Kepper of the Pure Heart Part Two by Princess Arinayed [Reviews - 1] Liked (876 words)
This chapter was something that just came to me
5. Chapter 5 Enemy Withing Us by Princess Arinayed [Reviews - 0] (687 words)
Time is runing out and the enemy is closer than they think. AHHHHHH! By the way why are Lee and Adama looking at the guy Starlight's eating with like they want to kill him?
6. Chapter 6 A Secret Part One by Princess Arinayed [Reviews - 0] (981 words)
A secret kept for so long is now revealed. Will Laura be able to help a lost girl out, or will the forces of evil final show its face?
7. Chapter 7 Truths Revealed by Princess Arinayed [Reviews - 1] (1405 words)
Laura is a bout to face a truth hidden from her by Adama. Will this brake them or make them stronger?
8. Chapter 8 One Visionof the Past Part One by Princess Arinayed [Reviews - 0] (552 words)
Disclaimer in Chapter One

Not only is she having problems with her cat, but Starlight most face a past she never knew about.
9. Chapter 9 One Vision of the Past Part Two by Princess Arinayed [Reviews - 0] (516 words)
While having such nice and hopeful dreams, the arrow will reveal lives forgotten... A promise of love made will be kept at all cost. (If you wanna see better descriptions of the palace go to Images and type Queen Serenity)

Disclaimer: Sailor Moon does not belong to me. Nor its settings.
10. D.N.Angels Part One of Three by Princess Arinayed [Reviews - 0] (360 words)
Eight children want out but Adar will have none of that. How Starlight was created, her meeting with Adama, and their fight to set her free wii lead them to Laura.
11. D.N.Angels Part Two of Three by Princess Arinayed [Reviews - 0] (1537 words)
It's time to break out and make one child's dream come true, but what will the cost be?