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A Handful of Lauras by Emma Ockham MA

Bïll's grief over Laura's death is softened by her journals and then brusquely interrupted when a Cylon copy of Laura Roslin arrivés in the Fleet.

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A pirate will go to the extreme when it comes to finding treasure. But what happens when a pig headed prophet happens to be the only way to find it. Pirate...
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Bill and Laura take a moment for themselves while orbiting Earth and their story continues after they land on Earth. Takes places during Daybreak, the...

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Benevolent Tyrant by lemmiwinks K+
Laura had preparations to oversee.

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[Reviews - 4] LikedPrinter

Summary: “Aerilons have good poetry.” He pulled an earlier verse from his head, his lips around her earlobe proving a good conductor for the memory. Early morning on New Caprica.
Rating: T
Category: Ficlets & Drabbles, Romance
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Genres: Fluff, Romance
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Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
Wordcount: 712 Read Count: 878
Published: Aug 30, 2013 Updated: Aug 30, 2013

Story Notes:
A/N: For Rachel, who has long associated Bill and Laura with the line "I am looped in the loops of her hair," from Yeats' Brown Penny. As such, all lines from the Aerilon poet are, of course, taken from said poem. Hey, if All Along the Watchtower could cross time and space, why couldn't Yeats?

Written quickly. Unbeta'd. Unrepentantly fluffy. Kind of an apology for "tombs and other resting places."
1. I am looped in the loops of her hair... by theeccentricem [Reviews - 4] Liked (712 words)