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The Beauty of Love by Kaitlynnlovescats96

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Hera wakes up to the sun streaming in through the window. Opening her eyes, she stretches her arms and then nestles back down into Laura’s side. Normally she wouldn’t be this close to other people besides her parents. She isn’t exactly the most social of children. But for some reason she doesn’t feel scared with Laura, she feels safe, she feels protected. She knows that her parents aren’t entirely fond of Laura, but she doesn’t understand why. Laura seems like a nice person. As she continues to think about Laura, she slips her thumb unconsciously back into her mouth and drifts back to sleep.

Laura’s eyes flutter open when she feels a weight shift on her arm. For a moment she’s confused because she’s usually nestled into Bill and not the other way around, but then she remembers that Bill isn’t in the bed, Hera is. Rubbing the sleep from the corners of her eyes, she looks down at Hera and realizes that Hera is staring up at her. “Morning, Hera. How did you sleep?”

“Good. Do you know something, Laura?” Hera says in her shy, little girl voice.

“What?” Laura returns with a smile. She hopes that Lee and Ishay have a little girl. She can just imagine mornings like this with her little granddaughter tucked in her arms.

Hera looks up at her bashfully and says, “You’re pretty.”

That is not at all what Laura expected. Her face slowly turns from shock to a smile and she says, “Thank you.” It had taken Laura a while to start becoming less self-conscious about her appearance in front of people, but she had finally gotten to the point where she wouldn’t wear anything on her head in front of company. It was hard showing her vulnerability, but she realized that people didn’t care. Nevertheless, to hear someone other than Bill say she is pretty is uplifting. She can’t help but be touched. Leaning down, she presses a kiss to Hera’s cheek. “Alright, why don’t we get up and then you can get ready while Bill and I make some breakfast. Then we can eat breakfast and finish getting ready and then head off to the main camp to find your mom and dad. How does that sound?”

Hera nods her head, making her tight curls bounce, and says, “Yeah, that sounds good.”


“Oh, Hera! I’m so happy to see you! You’re okay! We were so worried,” Sharon says as Bill, Laura, and Hera walk in to the Agathon’s tent.

Hera releases Laura’s hand and runs up to her mom, hugging her tightly. “I missed you!”

Karl picks her up and gives her a tight hug. “Where have you been, honey? We’ve been so worried. We have been looking everywhere for you.”

Laura sees tears filling Hera’s eyes at this question and so she interjects and tells them what happened. “Last night Hera knocked on our door. She told us that she was out playing with other kids and she ran into the forest and got lost. She kept running and she was scared. Finally she made it out of the forest but it wasn’t near the main camp, it was near us. That’s when she ran up to our cabin and knocked on our door. By the time she got there it was nighttime and we obviously didn’t want to be out walking in the dark. So we thought it would be better just to wait until morning to bring her back. She stayed with us last night. I hope that’s alright.”

“Thank you for taking care of her. I don’t want to imagine what could have happened if she hadn’t found your cabin. I hope it didn’t interrupt any plans,” Sharon says with a look of relief on her face. She’s just happy that her daughter is home safe.

“It wasn’t a problem. We weren’t doing anything. You can stop by anytime,” Laura says.

“Bye Laura. Bye Bill. Thank you,” Hera says sweetly.

“Bye Hera,” Bill and Laura both say. They then say their goodbyes to Karl and Sharon and take their leave. Once they have left the Agathon’s, Laura says, “I’m glad Hera was able to make her way out of the forest and find us. I can’t imagine the panic those two were in last night.”

“I agree. Forests are terrifying places for children, especially in the dark, no wonder she kept running.”

Laura is about to reply when she is stopped by none other than Ellen Tigh. “Hello Laura,” Ellen says with her usual polite smile.

“Hello Ellen. What can I do for you?”

“I know you’re going to be shocked by this, but I’m starting up a school for the children here at the main camp and I was looking for some teachers. These kids need to be taught by real teachers and they’re not getting that right now. I know you loved teaching on New Caprica and I know you’re retired, but there’s not much else to do here and I’m sure you’re getting bored of just being with Bill all the time.”

“Oh yeah, definitely,” Laura interrupts with a playful smile and nudges Bill’s shoulder teasingly.

“Honestly, you’re the most qualified person on this planet so I thought you might want to head the school. You could have classes in the morning for younger students and then you could teach the older students in the afternoon, or however you would like to do that. I know how much you love teaching children, so I thought this might be a good way of getting you back into what you love. You don’t have to give me an answer right now, but think about it.”

“Well, that’s very kind of you to think of me as the most qualified. Actually, if Bill doesn’t mind, I think I’ll give you my answer right now,” Laura says. She looks over at Bill with a smile and Bill nods his head in the affirmative. He knows that this is what she loves to do, and he knows that she would love to get back into it. She was born to be a teacher. “I do love working with kids and so I’ll teach. When do you want to start?”

“Thank you, Laura. I’ll need to get things set up with parents here and get supplies together, so I will come up and let you know when we’re going to start.”

“Alright, bye Ellen.” As Bill and Laura start to make their way back to the cabin, Laura says to Bill, “Thank you for allowing me to go back to what I love.”

“Laura, you can take the teacher out of the classroom, but you can’t take the classroom out of the teacher. I know it’s what you love doing. You’re meant to be a teacher. I wouldn’t ever stop you from doing what you love.”

“Thank you.” She wraps her arm around Bill’s back and presses herself against his side as they continue walking back to the cabin.
End Notes:
Hope you enjoyed it! As always, reviews are valued.
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