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The Beauty of Love by Kaitlynnlovescats96

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Later that night, as Laura lies in Bill’s arms after having done what all newly married couples do on their wedding night, she gazes out towards the stars and murmurs in a low voice, “I never thought I would get married.” She feels Bill’s arms tighten around her and his lips press against her shoulder blade.

“What do you mean? You can’t actually believe that men don’t like you. And I hope you don’t think that you’re not worth being married to,” Bill replies, his warm breath skimming off of Laura’s back as his words reach her ears.

“No, it’s not that, not exactly.” Laura turns around in his arms so that she is facing him, so she can see his eyes. “I had relationships back on Caprica, but nothing very serious. I wasn’t the same person back then, though it wasn’t really that long ago. Once my family died, I became afraid of love. I became afraid of losing another person that I loved and cared for. I had relationships, but as much as I hate to admit it, they didn’t last long and they were mostly just based on sex. I chose to not let anyone in, not let anyone get close to me. I threw myself into my career and focused on it. When I was younger, I wanted to get married, like most women, but as I got older, that part of me was turned off and I hadn’t found anyone to turn it back on. I thought that my chance for marriage was long gone. And then I found out I had terminal breast cancer and then that our world was destroyed, all in the same day, and then I knew that my chance for marriage was over. I didn’t know what it felt like to be in a romantic, intimate relationship until you asked me to stay in your quarters, and we weren’t even considering it a relationship back then. But it was more of a romantic relationship than I have ever had before. You saw me at my best and at my worst. I allowed you to be close to me and to truly see me. You’re the only person that I would ever want to be married to. You turned that idea of marriage back on for me and you gave me something unimaginably wonderful.” Resting her hand against his bare chest, she leans forward and presses a soft kiss to his lips. Feeling him brush her hair behind her ear, she looks up at him and sees his eyes completely open, completely vulnerable. “You are my one and done. My perfect one and done. I could not have asked for anyone else.” Resting her head against his chest, she feels his breath ruffle her hair. “What about you? Did you ever think you would get married again?”

Bill remains silent for a moment, thinking about all that she has just said. “No, I never thought I would get married again. My marriage with Carolanne was rough, to say the least. We got married fairly young and at first she enjoyed being the wife to a man in the military. And though it turned out terrible, we did have a good relationship at the beginning of our marriage. We enjoyed having fun and not being tied down by children. Then once we had Lee, she didn’t much enjoy me being in the military. And it was even worse when Zak came along. She hated that I was never home and that I couldn’t get time off. She hated that I never had time for our sons and when I was home I wasn’t very close with her. I didn’t realize how much pressure she was under taking care of Lee and Zak alone. When Zak died, that was the end for us. We remained legally married for a couple months, but we never talked after his funeral. One of the last times I went home on shore leave, and this was about three-four months after his funeral, Carolanne told me she had an affair because she was tired of being alone. She served me with divorce papers later that day. I take credit for many of our problems, but we both could have worked harder. Once the divorce was through, I thought I was done. I wasn’t young at that point and I definitely wasn’t marriage material. Like Carolanne said, ‘Who would want to be married to someone who’s never home?’ And then a few years later, I met you. Carolanne would be shocked if she saw the two of us together. Not only did you allow me in, but I also allowed you in. You saw me in such a different way than Carolanne ever saw me. Part of that is because I’ve changed, but the other part is that you’ve changed me. You saw through the mask when no one else was ever able to, not even my first wife. We have something that Carolanne and I never had. Carolanne and I were obviously legally married, but we never had a true marriage. You and I have that.”

“I guess we’re perfect for each other then. Two people who thought that chance was over for them end up falling in love at the end of the worlds. What a cliché we are!” Laura chuckles and then turns back around in Bill’s arms, snuggling her back against his chest.

Bill runs his thumb over Laura’s collar bone and then feels Laura tilt her head so he can have better access to her neck. Placing a gentle kiss on her neck, he then quietly says, “But I wouldn’t change it for the world.”
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