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The Beauty of Love by Kaitlynnlovescats96

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Author Notes:
Here's the next chapter. Hope you enjoy it!
Laura wakes up before Bill, the sun’s rays streaming in through the open window-flap telling her it’s time to get up. She stretches out, almost cat-like, and pulls the blanket further over her. Rolling over to face Bill, she allows herself to watch him sleep. She knows he’s watched her sleep, whether or not it was because of her illness she doesn’t know, but he does it all the same. He would always wake up before her on Galactica because of his internal alarm clock so she’s never been granted the wonderful opportunity to watch her husband sleep, but now that she has she intends to take it. The wrinkles on his forehead and around his eyes are much less defined and his face is completely relaxed. Bringing her hand up from underneath the blankets, she runs it lightly over Bill’s cheek, having been granted a slight turn-up of the mouth at this, and then places a light kiss on his lips. “Good morning,” she greets as she notices his eyes start to flutter open. Her voice is still rough from sleep and she knows he loves waking up to it.

“Every morning is a good morning when you wake up like this,” Bill admits huskily and then pulls Laura closer to him, returning the kiss she gave him a few moments before.

“It most certainly is,” she replies with a smile on her face. She can’t believe how much time they wasted on Galactica when they could have been doing exactly this. Why didn’t they allow themselves to just live in the moment? Why did they put it on hold for so long? If she had died, that would have been the one thing she regretted in the afterlife. “So, now that we’ve woken up, what’s the plan for today?”

Bill rests his arm across Laura’s waist and says, “Well, we should probably have some breakfast first. I was thinking I could go down to the lake and catch us a couple of fish that I could cook for our breakfast. And then I was thinking I could go and start cutting down some logs so we can start on our cabin. What do you say about that?”

“That sounds great! But what do you want me to do? I noticed you used ‘I’ instead of ‘we’,” Laura notes, looking at him pointedly. “I can’t sit around and do nothing forever,” she reminds him. “Even though that’s probably what you want me to do, isn’t it?”

Bill looks down at the ground between him and Laura and sighs. “Laura, I just-”

“I know,” Laura interrupts, placing her finger over Bill’s lips before he can continue. “I know you’re worried about me. And I know I’m not the most comforting sight at the moment. No one would believe me if I said I wasn’t dying, just from how I look. But, Bill, I’m getting better. I’m not dying. You’re going to have to let me help with something at some point. I’ll start slow.”

Bill looks up at her and catches her eyes. The corners of his lips turn up just barely, but then he turns serious once again. “You’re right. So, I’ll make you a deal. If you can stand up and walk, then I’ll allow you to help. You can come with me down to the lake and you can watch me catch the fish and then you can cook it for us. Laura, I’m just worried you’re going to push yourself too far.”

“I know. And I appreciate your concern. But I am going to take that deal and prove to you I can help. As your wife, I have to take some of the load,” Laura says with a smile. She never thought about how different it would feel to be married and how happy she would be being married. She was always so busy before the attacks and closed off. The only long relationship she had in the last fifteen years was with Adar and it wasn’t even real. At that point, she had given up on the idea of marriage. Glancing down at her ring, she thinks about how wonderful it is to have someone by her side through thick and thin. Thinking back on it, she realizes Bill has been that person ever since he apologized to her on Kobol and they started working together and trusting each other. She would never have wanted to go through this with anyone else.

“Alright. But as your husband, will you please let me know when you feel like you need to rest?”

“I will.”

“Thank you,” Bill says with a twinkle in his eye. Leaning forward slightly, he places a quick kiss on Laura’s lips. But before he can back away, Laura clasps her hand on the back of his neck and deepens the kiss.

“Don’t you dare think you can get away with just a peck on the lips, Admiral. I spent far too long waiting for you to really kiss me. Don’t think we can just go back to chaste kissing now that I’m not dying,” Laura admonishes with a smirk after releasing his lips.

“Yes, Madame President,” Bill teases and then kisses her again. “Alright, we need to get up, or else we’re not going to get anything done today.” Pulling the blankets off of him and Laura, he sits up and stretches out his back. Just as he is about to stand up, Laura places her hand on his shoulder and slowly pushes herself up into a standing position. Resting her hand on his shoulder, she allows her body to regain its sense of balance before she removes her hand. “You okay?” he asks as he looks up at her, concerned. Maybe he shouldn’t have challenged her to stand up and walk quite yet.

Laura looks down at him and smiles. “Yeah, I’m fine. Just letting my body get used to this position.”

Once Laura releases her hand from Bill’s shoulder, he moves to stand up. Now that he is standing, he opens the front-flap of the tent and takes Laura’s hand in his, squeezing it tightly. As they walk together, he occasionally glances at Laura to make sure she is okay. She catches his eyes one of the times he looks over at her. Looking directly at him, she says, “Bill, I’m fine. And now I’ve proven to you that I can stand and walk, so now let’s go catch our breakfast.”

“Alright. Why don’t we walk over to the raptor so I can get some wire and you can change out of your suit and into some more appropriate clothing?”


Once they make it to the raptor, Bill begins to make his makeshift fishing rod and he also puts a knife in his pocket. Laura changes into a pair of clothes that she wore on New Caprica and replaces her high heels with her boots. Knowing that she isn’t going to be seen by anyone but Bill, she switches out her wig for her green headscarf, tying it tightly around her head.

After they have gotten everything they need, they make their way out of the raptor and towards the lake. Doing something they could rarely do on Galactica, they hold hands, never breaking contact from each other. Once they reach the lake, Laura sits down on the bank as Bill casts his line out into the lake to hopefully catch their breakfast. “How long has it been since you’ve gone fishing?” Laura asks to fill the silence.

Bill chuckles and says, “Probably about the same length of time it was since I had put up a tent. Those two activities usually went together. And you? Has Mrs. Posh Politician ever gone fishing?”

Laura rolls her eyes and replies, “Contrary to what people might think about me, I used to love going camping and fishing. Unfortunately, I wasn’t given the opportunity to have kids so I haven’t been camping or fishing since I was young. It’s been a lot longer for me than it has for you. I actually enjoyed camping more than staying in high class hotels. There’s a certain feeling of freedom you get when you go camping, and nothing could ever be better than that.”

“I’m impressed. You can actually still surprise me, Laura!”

After they caught a couple fish for their breakfast, Bill and Laura head back to their campsite so they can eat. Once Bill is done making the fire, Laura cooks the fish and they begin to eat.

As they finish breakfast, they notice a large group of people coming over the hillside. “I wonder who they are,” Laura says. As the group of people get closer, they realize that Saul and Ellen Tigh, Starbuck, and Lee are leading the pack. Bill and Laura stand up and walk over to meet them.

“Saul, what’s going on? Did something happen?” Bill says.

“Dad, everyone heard that Laura is still alive and we knew that you and Laura wanted to build a cabin. We want to help you,” Lee says.

After Lee says this, Hoshi steps out from behind him. “Admiral and Madame President, we want to give you this. We want to say thank you by helping you start your home here. We wouldn’t have gotten here without you two.” He motions to everyone that is standing behind him, some familiar faces of the Galactica crew and other not so familiar faces of the fleet. “We all want to give this to you to say thank you.”
End Notes:
Hope you enjoyed it. As always, reviews and suggestions are loved.
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