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The Beauty of Love by Kaitlynnlovescats96

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Author Notes:
Here is the next chapter. Just a warning, the end of this chapter is rated M. Hope you enjoy it!
About a week later, the cabin is finally finished. As the sun stands high in the sky, Bill opens the flap of the tent to find Laura reading one of their books. Her strength has been gradually coming back, but it has only been ten days since her miracle cure and so she is still considerably weak. She had been out and about earlier in the day but the strength she has regained gets used up quickly, so she had gone back to their tent to lie down. He looks at her with a smile that doesn’t normally grace his roughened face. “Laura, I have something for you to see. Are you able to come out?”

Laura looks up at him curiously, wondering what he could be so happy about. She slips her glasses off and closes the book, putting them both in the small box of books that has yet to make it into the cabin. Bill has been reading to her almost every night before they go to sleep and so they hadn’t wanted to put away one of the boxes of books until the entire cabin was finished. “Yes, I probably can. I’ll need help up though.”

Bill lends his hands to help Laura up, using his strength to get her to her feet. As they walk out of the tent, Laura’s heart stops. She looks around at all of the people who had been working on their cabin and who are now all standing outside of it, saluting their president.

Kara steps forward and says, “Your final home is done. It’s been an honor to do this.” She hugs both Bill and Laura and then steps back into the crowd, raising her hand back into a salute.

Bill salutes them and then they fall into a relaxed position. Saul moves forward and says to Bill, “We’re going to head out. But don’t think you two are going to be alone forever. You are going to get lots of visitors. And Laura, don’t expect it to be too long before you get a visitor asking if you could come teach the kids in the main camp. You’ll need something to do now that you’re not president. Plus, you’re not going to want to be stuck with Bill 24/7.” At this, he looks teasingly at Bill and barely manages to miss the hand reaching towards his shoulder to hit him.

“Well, I’ll think about it when I’m asked. It’s going to be nice at first to not have anywhere to go or anything to do. But teaching is my passion. So if someone mentions something to you about it, tell them to come up and see me.”

“I will certainly do that. We’ll come and visit once we think you two have settled down.”

“We’ll see you then,” Bill says.

As people start to make their way back to the main camp, Lee and Kara stay behind for a little while. Kara starts to put the rest of the stuff from Bill and Laura’s tent inside the cabin and Lee walks over to Bill and Laura to talk to them. “Hey Dad,” Lee says. “I just wanted to let both you and Laura know that I’m really happy for you two. And I’m glad you’ve been given this chance.”

“Thank you, Lee. So, what’s your plan now?”

“Well, I’ve actually been talking to Layne Ishay, the nurse that took care of Laura on Galactica, and we thought we would go exploring a little bit. She thought she would go with me so she could check on people around the countryside and see how they’re doing. We’ll come back and visit and then eventually I’m thinking of starting a home here somewhere around the main camp. I just want to explore at first though.”

“That sounds wonderful. I was always very fond of Ishay. She’s kind and a remarkable person. I’m sure you two will get along nicely,” Laura says.

“Yes, I’m sure we will,” Lee says with a slight smile playing on his lips.

Laura looks at Bill with a confused look on her face. Does Lee like Ishay? When have they ever even talked or seen each other? Something about her sure seems to be on his mind though. Bill shrugs his shoulder at her and shakes his head in an unknowing gesture. He has no idea how this has started between his son and Ishay.

At this point, Kara comes out from the cabin, having finished putting the things from the tent and the tent itself away. Bill turns to her, having heard the door of the cabin shut, and says, “What do you hear, Starbuck?”

“Nothing but the rain,” Kara replies as she walks closer to the three of them.

“Then grab your gun and bring in the cat.”

“Aye-aye, Sir. The cabin’s all done and it’s yours. I’ll be heading off.”

“What are you planning to do, Kara?” Laura says, smiling at Kara and her husband’s exchange.

“I’m probably just going to go back to the main camp at first. Then I may go exploring like Lee is planning to do.”

“Well, I’m sure both of you will have a great time. Bye Lee, bye Kara. Be safe. Make sure to come back and visit us,” Laura says with a smile.

“We will,” Lee replies and then the two of them head off together back to the main camp.

Finally, Bill and Laura are alone. They both take deep breaths and then let them out heavily. Turning back to face the cabin, Laura says with an air of excitement, “I can’t believe it’s done. I can’t believe we have our cabin.” The outside is exactly what they planned. At the side of their cabin is a little garden with lots of plants already planted and a well. On the other side is a storage shed for any meat that would need to be hung. A short set of stairs lead up to the porch of their cabin that is set to face the west. They will be able to watch the setting sun while sitting on their wooden porch swing. The logs on the outside are a dark brown and it is exactly how Laura had always pictured her cabin in her mind.

Taking Laura’s hand, Bill says, “Are you ready?” He sees her nod her head and they begin to walk towards their cabin. As they reach the top of the stairs, Bill leans over and lifts Laura into his arms, one arm under her knees and the other around her back.

Shocked, Laura gasps and says, “Bill, what are you doing? Are you trying to hurt your back again?”

“I’m carrying my wife across the threshold of our new home. And since I married you a little over a week ago and we haven’t had a threshold of a home to cross until today, I figured this would be the time to do it. Carrying you through the opening of the tent doesn’t really count.”

Laura sighs with a smile, saying, “Always the traditionalist,” and then opens the door to their cabin. Bill steps through and sets Laura down on her feet. She looks around in amazement. Whenever she had been out in the week, she had never stepped foot in the cabin. She wanted it to be a surprise and it definitely is. Looking around, she takes in all of the details and everything that makes this theirs. The entrance to their cabin is open to the living room and she sees their couch sitting in the middle of it, facing their coffee table and a large fireplace. On one of the walls is Bill’s desk and chair, obviously for when Laura goes back to teaching and needs a place to grade papers or when Bill works on his model ships. On either side of the desk is a row of bookshelves. The books are still in boxes off to the side, waiting for their owners to put them away. There are lots of shelves with pictures and other miscellaneous items that belong to both of them. One of Bill’s model ships holds a grand spot on top of one of the shelves. They move into the kitchen and see a large wooden table and chairs as well as a pantry. There is a set of counters and another large fireplace for cooking. There is a small oven and stove for future use once they have electricity. Moving deeper into the cabin, they pass the bathroom. Chuckling at the conversation about the indoor plumbing they had a week ago, they look at the large metal bathtub, shower, toilet, and sink. One of the biggest projects over the past week was figuring out how to pipe water into the bathroom and kitchen from the well they had built outside and then how to dispose of the waste water without contaminating clean water. Eventually they figured it out. Across the bathroom is the guest bedroom. It has a large bed, a dresser, and more bookshelves. And then they finally make it to the back of their cabin. Moving into the master bedroom, they see the large bed, as opposed to the rack they used to share, a dresser, bookshelves, a closet, and nightstands on either side of the bed topped with kerosene lamps. They have a few regular lamps tucked away in the closet for future use. The paintings from their previous quarters had made it in here and make it feel cozier. Laura looks down and sees one of Bill’s rugs under her feet.

As they move back out to the living room, Bill turns to Laura and asks, “So, what do you think?”

“I think it’s perfect. It’s more than I could have ever asked for. And I’m so happy I get to live the rest of my life in it with you.” Looking at all of the boxes of books, she says, “Do you think our books are ready to be put away?”

Bill looks over at her and smiles. “As long as we do it together.” Walking over to the first of the boxes of books, he pulls it open. Inside lay Laura’s glasses and so he hands them to her, knowing she’ll need them so she can alphabetize the books by author and then by title, the teacher in her needing to be organized.

After they’ve gotten about half of the books gone through and put on the shelves, Bill walks out to the storage shed to get some meat they can cook while Laura gets the fire going.

Once they finish eating, they clean up everything and start turning the kerosene lamps off in the front. Bill allows Laura to use the bathroom first and once she is done, she makes her way into their new bedroom. Changing into her slip pajamas, she lies down on the bed and dims the kerosene lamps down. As Bill finishes up in the bathroom, he walks into their bedroom and stops when he sees Laura. She’s still too thin, too pale, and bald, but she has never been more beautiful. She’s here, in their home, and she’s alive. She’s his wife and she’s with him. “Laura?” he says hesitantly.

“What, Bill? I thought you were the traditionalist. What happened to the usual wedding night happenings? We obviously couldn’t do it in the tent so I would think this would be the perfect time,” Laura says with a teasing, sly smile.

“Well…” Bill says, stunned beyond words. “Are you sure you’re up for this? It’s only been ten days. You’re still so weak.”

“Bill, I know my limits. I’ve known my limits for a long time. Trust me.” Lifting her finger, she beckons for him to come near the bed.

Bill sits down on the bed as Laura stands up, moving to stand in between his legs. Unbuttoning his shirt, she slowly slips it off his shoulders and tosses it over her shoulder, hearing it land somewhere behind her. She feels his warm, rough hands settle on her waist. As she undoes his pants, they slide down his legs and puddle at the floor. Raising her hands, she tangles them at the base of his hair and presses her lips gently against his. His hands run over her and roam around her back and up her legs, finally lifting the hem of her slip and pulling it quickly over her head. Taking off his underwear, he then moves to takes Laura’s off but finds nothing but bare skin. She must have been planning this the whole time. As she is busy with his lips, he gently lifts her up and feels her legs tightening their hold around his waist. Moving them to lie on the bed, he runs his hand up the length of her body, stopping at her neck and pulling her in for another kiss. He trails kisses down her chest and then back up, placing a kiss on her collar bone and then on her lips, her back arching into his touch. She is breathing rather heavily and she lets out a moan. Lifting her hips, she presses against Bill. She suddenly feels him enter her, enjoying the sensation of being so close to him. He goes gently at first, allowing her still weak body to adjust to him. She gasps as she feels herself reaching her climax. Bill’s lips claim hers and they moan into each other’s mouths. The sensation is overwhelming. She lifts her hips a little higher, letting him enter her more. Her moans get louder as she finally reaches her climax, completely letting go of everything. Being in this moment with the man she loves is incredible. With her eyes closed, she loses herself in this feeling. She can feel Bill’s chest expanding against hers, knows that he’s panting as hard as she is. Eventually, Bill knows that Laura can’t handle much more, and so he goes slower and slower. He pulls her in for another passionate kiss and then exits her, lying down beside her on the bed.

As their breathing returns to normal, Laura whispers, “Thank you, Bill. Thank you for allowing me to feel strong again and in control.”

“You’re welcome. And it’s not like it wasn’t wonderful for me as well. It’s amazing to do that with my wife for the first time.”

Laura rolls onto her side and curls herself into Bill’s side, resting her hand across his chest. Reaching up, she places another kiss on his lips. “I love you, Bill.”

“I love you too.”
End Notes:
Hope you enjoyed it! As always, reviews are loved and appreciated.
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