[4K] Build a hut under the rain, episode 9, Wilderness Alone

Build a hut under the rain, episode 9, survival in the forest
A relatively flat land is an ideal condition for sustainable development. I chose to build a house on the slope to be able to drain well in the rainy season. The house is made of core of some rotten wood, the frame is made entirely of bamboo. Due to the changing rain and wind conditions, it was not possible to finish the house early, it took up to 3 weeks. In front of the house, banana trees grow everywhere, showing that the soil in this area is very moist, suitable for cultivation. If wild food crops can be found, the land in front of the house will be a fertile garden that will provide an important source of starch…
We only use only page facebook (https://goo.gl/UXRFLx) and do not have twitter, as well as blog (except for the fake ones). This is the North of Vietnam – a place full of unforeseen dangers and risks. Insects, centipedes and snakes are very dangerous, must be very careful when moving, holding, climbing and lifting stones. These skills are learned through books, the internet and real life experiences. Our normal day is like you and not like this.
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