AllOutdoor Review: The GiantMouse Ace Farley Slipjoint Knife

AllOutdoor Review: The GiantMouse Ace Farley Slipjoint Knife

I remember my first pocket knife. I don’t remember how I got it, but I definitely remember the way it looked and felt. There’s something special about tools and we know this from an early age. A knife is one of the most useful tools and the most capable of eliciting pride-of-ownership. I’ve lived fast and loose with my pocket knives for a long time. I intentionally bought cheap knives, fully aware of the abuse I was about to impart on them. As I’ve grown, my taste in knives has followed my taste in whiskey. My palate is more refined and quality is a demand, not a bonus. When we think of quality, we often look to the past, and that’s exactly what I did when I grabbed a GiantMouse ACE Farley Slipjoint in brass; a modern folder with a classic lock.

The GiantMouse Ace Farley: Specifications

Overall length: 6.4” Blade length: 2.75″ Blade material: Böhler M390 Microclean stainless steel Blade thickness: 0.118” Handle material: Brass Weight: 3.5 oz. MSRP: $165.00

Hey, Nice Brass!

I received the knife in the mail, opened the box, and slipped the Farley into my pocket. The steel wire clip hugged the corner of my jeans and stayed there until I got home to inspect the knife further. When I pulled it into the light, the brass handle made itself known. Looking like a kitchen faucet but way more fun, the knife captured my excitement.

The slip joint knife brought back thoughts of the past. I think every grandfather in history had a slip joint knife. If yours didn’t, the Farley makes you feel like he did, and had passed it down to you. Now, let’s not romanticize too much. The slip joint system is far from the quickest and easiest to deploy. This is not a defensive weapon. This knife is meant to function as a tool and look good doing it. 

As expected, the blade was sharp, and made quick work of my steak the night I got it. The knife felt light enough to make sense but heavy enough to feel like it won’t fail you when you need it.

Keep It In Your Pants (Or Don’t)

I’m not a master of using knives for defense, nor is that the purpose of this blade. To test the GiantMouse Ace Farley, I used it in some high-intensity daily tasks. I used it to open mail, cut plastic, and sometimes cut food. I also wanted to see how well it performed against its number one adversary, cardboard. I went through about 20 pieces of cardboard to see if I could dull the blade. I ended up too bored and tired to continue before the blade went dull.

I’ve been carrying the knife every day for over a month now and it has handled every task I’ve thrown its way. Now, I haven’t been prying cans open or anything, but daily tasks like cutting paper, plastic, and opening beers are easily managed. I’m confident that the knife is more capable than what I’m using it for. 

A Brass Act

As with most things, expectations are key when evaluating this knife. I’m not expecting this knife to save me from a burning building or protect me from a charging bear. My expectations for this knife were for it to function well, be comfortable to use, and look good. It met or exceeded each of those requirements.

Where it truly excelled was its positive and strong slip joint locking mechanism. No, a slip joint is not the most secure lock and can even be a pain to open and close if you’re used to only using tactical folders. However, at least on the Farley, I never felt that the knife would surprise me and close when I didn’t want it to. I also really love the clip. the wire design makes it less noticeable. This is nice for situations where you’re not trying to hide your knife, but you’d rather nobody notice. I sometimes feel eyes on me when I’m playing with my son around other children, like at a park. 

The only downside that I could find with the GiantMouse Ace Farley was the type of blade. I know that the blade fits aesthetically with the knife, but I use the serrated part of my blades a lot. If we’re bringing a slip joint knife into a more practical EDC use, I think the option for a partially serrated one would be cool.

Overall, this is a very nice knife. I wouldn’t recommend it as your first everyday carry folder, but for those with knife experience, it’s a winner. If you’re looking for a knife that will class you up a bit, this is the way to go. If you’d like to learn more about GiantMouse and how they operate, head to the GiantMouse website. You can also learn more by following them on social media. GiantMouse can be found on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. Now, how do I get these chips open? Oh! I have a knife.

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