Bow and Arrows (new), Survival in the tropical Rainforest, ep 29

Survival in the tropical rainforest, ep 29, bow and arrows (new)
This bow is made from a hardwood (unnamed) with a length of about 1.3 m. Also trim slowly and hang on the kitchen to avoid mold and increase hardness. The bowstring is made from fibers of bark or made from vines in the forest. They are twisted and dried by fire.
The arrow is made from old bamboo trees, the back of the arrow is attached to the leaves of the palm tree to increase the accuracy of the name as it flies out of the bow. The arrow is about 0.6 m long. Pinned from old bamboo and shaped by charcoal, this makes them much lighter and more solid.
I will use it to protect myself as well as to hunt (^^)

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