Galco Holsters Releases NEW 1.5″ Nylon Trail Belt

Galco Holsters Releases NEW 1.5″ Nylon Trail Belt

Keeping the weight of your loadout on your hips is ideal for comfort and to avoid back problems down the line. This means that one of the most valuable pieces of gear you can have is a sturdy belt. This belt will be in charge of carrying the burden of everything attached to it, as well as all of the items in your pockets. While there are other materials available, tubular nylon is known for its rigidity and strength. Capitalizing on that reputation, Galco Holsters has just released their new 1.5″ nylon Trail Belt.

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“Due to its tubular web construction, Galco’s Trail Belt is extremely comfortable, making it ideal for all-day hiking or long, active work-shift wear. While suitable for use as an IWB belt, this is our most flexible nylon web belt.”

Galco Holsters Releases NEW 1.5″ Nylon Trail Belt

The new Trail Belt is 1.5″ wide and uses a quick-release Cobra Pro buckle with a D-ring. Its main feature is the four-stitch tubular nylon strap construction, which gives the belt its strength. As Galco’s most flexible nylon web belt, it’s made for the rigors of hiking and field use, while being comfortable enough for IWB carry. If your belt loops are on the smaller side, the male end of the 7075 aluminum alloy buckle is easily removed.


Color: Black Sizes: 30″ to 49″ Buckle: Quick-release Cobra Pro Width: 1.5″ MSRP: $98.00

If you’re looking for a new nylon belt and this one looks like what you need, you can pick one up directly from Galco by visiting their website. You can also see more updates from Galco Holsters when you follow them on social media. They can be found on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest. Stay safe!

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