[GAOS Show 2022] Great American Outdoor Show Competitions

[GAOS Show 2022] Great American Outdoor Show Competitions

The 2022 Great American Outdoor Show has come back to the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex. I have been looking forward to attending the show for almost 2 years due to the Covid hiatus. The 2022 Great American Outdoor Show Competitions are my favorite aspects of the show.

Great American Outdoor Show – 3D Archery Challenge

My absolute favorite event of the 2022 Great American Outdoor Show is the 3D Bowhunter Challenge. The 3D Bowhunter Event offers the following classes:

Cubs Ages 12 and under Longbow Youth Male Release Ages 13-14 Youth Male Release Ages 15-17 Female Youth Ages 13-17 Recurve Female hunter Class Male Hunter Class Senior Hunter Class Ages 50 and Over Hunter Money Class Crossbow Male Senior Class Ages 50-59 Masters Class Ages 60 and Over Male Bowhunter Release Male Bowhunter Open Female Bowhunter Open Open Money

The 3D Bowhunter Challenge course has a shooting line with 30 boxes. The shooter will find and shoot the target numbered for the box they are standing in. The targets have multiple numbers that are color coded. The color of the numbers corelate to the division you are shooting. the color of target number you will shoot is marked on your scorecard. Shooters will fire one arrow, then move to a second box and fire another arrow. The whole shooting line then stops shooting to go score and pull arrows. There are red and green lights indicating when you shoot.

Archers have all week to shoot a qualification round. In fact, if you are not happy with the qualification round score, you can shoot as many as you want through the week including Saturday morning. The final shootdown is Saturday afternoon on February 12th.

Great American Outdoor Show – Kids 3D Side Match

The 3D Bowhunter Challenge added a kid’s side match this year. The bows and arrows are provided. Small figurines are awarded as prizes.

My kids used the Genesis series of bows to shoot. My wife and I purchased Genesis bows for my kids for Christmas. Both children were having issues shooting them at home. The man and woman working the range took the time and explained the correct technique to my kids and helped my kids make progress with the Genesis bow.

This is what Archery is all about!

Great American Outdoor Show – Spot Challenge

The Great American Outdoor show host the Spot Challenge. The Spot Challenge is based on the NFAA Vegas/Lancaster Classic Format. The Spot Challenge involves shooting 1 round of 30 arrows. The archer has 2 minutes to shoot 3 arrows for score. After the 3 shots are fired, shooters advance to the targets, score and pull arrows. Spot Shooting is a real exercise in mental control. At first look, The Spot Challenge looks rather easy. Targets are at 20 yards, how hard could it be? Then reality strikes. To place well, the archer needs to strive for perfection. The recent Lancaster Classic and Vegas Shoot were the most fun I have had watching a sporting event in years. The Spot Challenge will not disappoint either. Divisions offered for the Spot Challenge:

Cubs Ages 12 and Under Male Youth Ages 13-17 Female Youth Ages 13-17 Bow Hunter Women’s Open Men’s Open Senior’s Ages 50-59 Master’s Ages 60 plus Open Money

Great American Outdoor Show – Dock Dogs Competition

My family and I have always wanted to catch the Dock Dog Competition at the Great American Outdoor Show. This year I was shooting my qualifier round for the 3D Challenge and I asked my wife and kids to go and tell me what they thought. My kids were extremely excited about watching the Dock Dogs, my wife not so much.

Great American Outdoor Show – Four Dock Dog Competitions

The first is the Big Wave Air competition. The dogs are sitting at the rear of a 40 foot long dock. The handler then has the dog run down the dock and jump for distance into the pool after and object. The second competition is Extreme Vertical. A bumper is suspended in the air and the dogs jump to retrieve it. Each time the bumper is raised 2 inches. Speed Retrieve. The dogs are timed on how fast they can run down the dock and swim to the other end of the tank to retrieve an object. Lastly, Dueling Dogs. Two dogs race to the end of the pool to retrieve and object.

When I met up with my family after the event, my kids were extremely enthusiastic about the Dock dog Competition. Much to my surprise, my wife was as well. We started conversing about the dogs and how the competition went. My wife stated that you can’t watch the competition without becoming personally invested. Who doesn’t want to see the dogs succeed, they are man’s best friend. My wife

said that a few of the dogs had stage fright, but we both agreed it would take a tremendous amount of work to get a dog remotely able to compete in the Dock Dog Events. My kids remembered all the dog’s names and how well they did. Listening to my family’s discussions on the long ride home, it was almost like they had just watched their friends compete in a track meet.

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