Longing for Longbeards? Primos has NEW Spring Turkey Decoys Available

Longing for Longbeards? Primos has NEW Spring Turkey Decoys Available

As the winter snow melts and gives way to the coming of spring, it is time to dust off your turkey gear and get to chasing longbeards. If your turkey decoys are looking a bit disheveled and in disarray it might be high-time you replace them. Primos is now shipping their Lil’ Gobbstopper Hen and Lil’ Gobbstopper Jake which we got to see a sneak peek of at the ATA Show 2022 (Archery Trade Association Show).

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The Lil’ Gobbstopper Hen and Lil’ Gobbstopper Jake are expertly designed and field-proven to mimic smaller, less intimidating turkeys, making them easy targets for big toms to bully. This should entice bigger birds to come into your spread and hopefully afford you more opportunities to fill a tag. Primos goes on to elaborate more about these new turkey decoys in their Press Release statement below:

“The Lil’ Gobstopper decoys are the perfect option for bringing in that reluctant tom that has been chased hard all season,” said Jacob Thomason, senior product line manager for Primos. “Their smaller size makes them appear less intimidating and it also makes lighter work of carrying multiple decoys into the field. Our team was able to get some extensive time in the field with them last season and they proved unbeatable against every scenario imaginable.”

After being relegated to staying indoors most of the winter, I love being able to get back outside into some fresh air and go hunting again. Hopefully you can make this spring your most successful one yet out in the field by potentially deploying some of these new turkey decoys from Primos in the Lil’ Gobbstopper Hen and Lil’ Gobbstopper Jake. As always, let us know all of your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

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