New Gun Club Cure Ammunition Introduced by Remington

New Gun Club Cure Ammunition Introduced by Remington

It’s not often that ammunition can cure anything, at least not as a direct result of its use. However, your purchases and the choices that companies can make in regards to that revenue certainly can. Remington has just announced the introduction of two new shotgun loads under their Gun Club Cure line which will help benefit children’s research hospitals, and research centers across the country with a portion of the proceeds from the sales of this new ammunition. This new ammunition is set to start showing up on store shelves beginning summer of 2022 and will retail for $12 per box of 25-shells.

New Gun Club Cure Ammunition Introduced by Remington

This new ammunition is just the latest effort of the Vista Outdoors owned Remington in their quest to reestablish the long-lived ammunition company, this effort, however, is giving families in need a much-needed dose of hope and help while simultaneously helping sporting clay shooters and bird hunters enjoy one of their favorite sports.

The new Gun Club Cure 12-gauge shotgun loads will feature a top-quality unibody hull, a unique new “Remington Blue” hull color, and will be made with trusted Remington components including Gun Club Shot, primers, propellants, and Remington’s Power Piston Wads. As stated earlier, there will be two new loads including one low-recoil loading and both will be 2-3/4-inch #8 Shot varieties.

We are thrilled to bring Gun Club Cure to the 2022 new product lineup, and we couldn’t be more excited to help out such a good cause,” said Joel Hodgdon, Remington’s Director of Marketing. “These loads give Remington shooters a great opportunity to give back to those in need and the beautiful color of Remington Blue will stand out when you’re at the range showing your support of families in need.

One loading will feature a 1,100 FPS Managed Recoil velocity and the other will be a 1,145 FPS loading which is similar in nature to more “standard” 12-gauge loadings. Both varieties of Remington’s new Gun Club Cure shotgun shells will retail for a price of 11.99 for each 25-shell box and will start showing up on store shelves and the Remington website starting in the summer of 2022.

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