Sandrin Knives Introduces the New Monza Tungsten Carbide Knife

Sandrin Knives Introduces the New Monza Tungsten Carbide Knife

EDC folders are in large part pretty inexpensive and relatively cheap knives that are used for everyday tasks. If you wind up breaking or abusing your EDC knife, it shouldn’t be too much of a pain to replace it. However, some people always like to carry the best and keep them around for when it matters most. Whether this means for self-defense, a quality blade can be a boon for the EDC folder category and Sandrin Knives in Italy has just announced the introduction of their new Monza Tungsten Carbide Knife.

Sandrin Knives Introduces the New Monza Tungsten Carbide Knife

“Monza is designed to provide an enhanced handle shape with chamfered edges to allow for a comfortable and secure grip. Two handle materials are available: lightweight Titanium handles provide for a perfectly balanced everyday carry folder or premium solid Zirconium (Zr) handles. Zr, which is found as element 40 on the periodic table, is best known for use as cladding for nuclear reactors and on space vehicles.  A reversible titanium pocket clip enables right- or left-hand carry and features our Fibonacci hole sequence design, a distinctive mathematical trademark of Sandrin Knives.”

The Monza features a ceramic ball bearing action for smooth opening and closing in concert with its robust thumb stud. The Monza uses a “Recoil Lock” mechanism designed by SNECX Tan who also refers to this system as the PowerLock. The Recoil lock mechanism is simple, efficient, and ambidextrous, meaning you can have a positive grip on the knife whether left or right-handed. The Recoil lock system also virtually eliminates accidental blade unlock due to it requiring the entire backspacer to the rear.

New Sandrin Monza Titanium and Zirconium Tungsten Carbide knives can be found online or in stock at Sandrin’s USA retailers like Cabot Guns which is one of the official US Distributors of Sandrin Knives. Each blade costs $399.00 if ordered online and will come with the following features:

3.38” Tungsten Carbide Blade HRC71 7.67” Overall Length 3.45 Ounces Titanium Handle (Silver) Recoil Lock Mechanism Inspired by SNECX Runs on Ceramic Bearings Precision Jimping and Chamfered Spine Reversible Titanium Pocket clip Rustproof Blade Tip-Up Carry StaySharp Technology Ambidextrous RH or LH Carry

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