The Duck Connection Film Series by Delta Waterfowl

The Duck Connection Film Series by Delta Waterfowl

Keeping our lands and their various critters in peak condition is something that I think all hunters, sportsmen, and Americans, in general, can get behind. However, many people still seem to think that hunters buy and large are just out to trash our local wetlands and their native populations – this couldn’t be further from the truth. That is why I am happy to see small films like The Duck Connection come out as it gives laymen and the otherwise uninformed a deeper look into what goes into our hunting communities so that we can keep our hunting lands healthy and replace what we take from the ever giving environment.

The Duck Connection Film Series by Delta Waterfowl

Delta Waterfowl proudly introduces Part One of its film series, “The Duck Connection,” illustrating why quality hunting in the South is massively dependent upon good duck production in the North.

In the two-part film produced in association with Arterra Media, Delta’s chief scientist, Dr. Frank Rohwer, guides a tour of North America’s duck mega-producer — the prairie pothole region — and explores why its wetlands help produce 70 percent of North America’s ducks. Then, you’ll follow the migration south, where Rohwer and Delta volunteer, Bryan Glass, celebrate the fruits of Delta’s efforts: Ducks over decoys.

“The prairie pothole region is a huge area, much bigger than the size of Texas, and yet relative to where the total range of where ducks nest, it’s a tiny fraction,” Rohwer said. “But it produces the vast majority of our ducks. It’s where it makes sense for Delta to work.”

If you love ducks and want more of them over your decoys, then don’t miss a second of “The Duck Connection.” It’s a collection of stunning footage portraying Delta’s membership-driven efforts for waterfowlers in the South, North and continent-wide.

“I was a diehard hunter and then I came up to the prairies and … boy I just love this place,” Rohwer said. “And as a waterfowl scientist, knowing that most of what drives duck numbers happens here, I opted to stay. If you want more ducks, then this is where you work.”

I have watched Part 1 of the series and the production value is top-notch. Everything from the cinematography, voice-overs, audio, and the message is right up the alley of anyone who considers themselves an avid outdoorsman, and aside from that, it puts Delta Waterfoul’s best foot forward in terms of their overall mission. Part 1 of The Duck Connection is available now on YouTube in stunning 4K resolution and is a must-watch for you hardcore duck hunters out there.

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