Unpredictable Threats from the wild, Survival in the tropical rainforest, ep 7


Survival in the tropical rainforest, ep 7, unpredictable threats
Unpredictable threats from the wild…
Winter is approaching and the most important thing now is to keep looking for more food sources. When it’s cold, it’s time for the forest to go to sleep. To get more food, going along the stream is not a bad idea because every creature needs to come here for a drink. Of course, all risks come from here. There are many poisonous plants in the stream, which cause burns or even pain in direct contact with the skin. Hazardous predators can also be found in this area, such as leopards, pythons, snakes, and bears. There are also a myriad of dangerous insects, such as spiders, scorpions or centipedes. They can carry lethal toxins …

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